Our Story

Old Becomes New

What do an Historic Town, an older home, a home décor/real estate specialist, a skilled licensed craftsman, and an antique enthusiast have in common? They came together to create a unique business concept.

In the heart of Landrum,SC under the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Rustiques evolved from a vintage/antique store to a full fledge Design Center and Showroom for your home. Steve Scribner, a Licensed Contractor in SC/NC, with a love for custom creations and his wife, Home Decorator Genevieve, had a vision when they saw an older vacant building that had a history in an historic southern town. They saw the potential in a dilapidated home that had tried to be many things over the years. Some tender loving care and a renovation transformed this home into a retail space. Friend and fellow entrepaneur, Emily Provchy has a love for vintage and antique pieces, desiring to preserve history to build the future. The three paired up to start a retail store with the idea of repurposing and refreshing old unique home décor to help their customers incorporate them into their homes. It quickly became apparent there was a need for something more. What better way to get in the antique business than to create tomorrow's specialties. Steve began with log lights from reclaimed barn wood from the local century old barns that they dismantled with the sole purpose of recreating old wood into today's treasures. Then came Fireplace Mantels and Barn Doors. Already in the custom home building business, Rustiques became the perfect partner to create custom architectural decor for beautiful homes. Steve's artistic talent came out in each piece. From Reclaimed Wood to Live Edge, Steve's talents were being put to good use.

Rustiques' business model was complete. Bridging from the antique/vintage store to a place where clients can Dream, Design, and Do was a natural progression. Our Design Center is a place where you can get ideas and inspiration for statement architectural décor pieces and custom made accessories. What about a Live Edge Hard Wood Table that will be an heirloom for years to come? What about that Reclaimed Tiger Oak Beam Fire Place Mantel that will be the focal point of your room and a conversation piece at your social gatherings? When you add Kitchen Cabinets and Outdoor Living, Rustiques covers your entire home. Add Design Consultations and Installation, and we are your one stop shop for all things home.