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 Be ready for winter-Generac has arrived!

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Our Featured Project  this month is one dear to our hearts. Doris lost her home to a fire. Although the house was not destroyed completely, it was severely damaged by the fire and smoke. A complete rebuild was necessary. The home was her mother's and is part of the family's estate. It is an honor to be a part of such an important project. 

Some before pictures:

Before New SidingFire damage home

New Siding, Sheetrock, and Red Oak Hardwood Floors installed. Ready for the cabinets and then the appliances.

New sidingdrywall and wood flooringHardwood Floors Installed Red Oak

Gen loves assisting our clients in there searching for just the right appliances to go with their space and lifestyle to fit their needs. This was fun trying to find this integrated refrigerator.....Appliance Shopping

Appliance Shopping

 Before installing hard wood floors, we acclimate the wood to the environment. Typically this about a five day process. But really it depends on the moisture and humidity levels of the home. We employ the same process for wood countertops and cabinets.

Speaking of wood countertops, one of our processes is what they call water popping or grain popping. It allows for a deeper and stronger finish and for the all natural oil to be deeper and richer looking as it creates a more even application of the oil. It also allows the grain to absorb the oil more. 

water popper

Rusty the Shop Dog-6 months Photo Shoot. 

)rusty the shop dog