Minimalistic Rustic

The older I get the simpler I desire my life to be. I don't want a cluttered schedule, lifestye, or a cluttered home. But I also haven't embraced totally the minimalistic lifestyle. Decluttering your mind and home, removing anything that is not essential or practical. I love nostalgia and the feel that a home has when mixed with old and new home decor. I love texture and design. I love wood and stone combinations. I love milk crates and vintage bottles. I collect antique cameras-none of which is essential to my daily life. 

But in my research of trends, I found one that I think I could embrace-rustic minimalism. It combines the clean, crisp, uncluttered feel with the cozy, homey, textured look of a rustic home. There would be room for a vintage metal milk crate repurposed into an organizer on a wooden open reclaimed barnwood shelf. No steril all white spaces without character. Compliment that white with wood floors or a live edge countertop and you are good to go. Rustic Architectural Decor lending itself to a minimalistic lifestyle. The possibilites are endless. Even if you are a minimalist. 

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