The Importance of Design Consultations and Assistance

You sit down and go to your favorite ecommerce site. You find it- the sink of your dreams. The pictures make it look so awesome. The people look so happy in their new kitchen. Click tp add to cart. Another click-done you have purchased it. The happy day arrives when you get the delivery. With anticipation and excitement you open up the box. Now comes the fun part...installation. Then you realize in dismay that the item description and photos on your favorite online store didn't tell you the whole story. The sink is 30" x 22". While the photos made it seem to fit like a wall mount sink you suddenly realize your cabinets are 24" deep-standard american kitchen cabinets by the way. The sink isn't going to work like you thought. You go into scramble mode and.....

Sound familiar? We tend to trivialize the need for a consult or help when it come to our home projects. A simple discussion with a professional on cabinets, sinks, countertops, and how they all fit together can save us a lot of of heartache in the end. 

Rustiques offers Design Consultations for Kitchen Spaces and More. For $150, we can come out and help you design your perfect dream Kitchen. That $150 goes toward the project if you choose to use our team. But regardless the ideas, drawings, and knowledge are yours. Its worth it in the end. Call us today for you Design Consultation. 

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