A real dream kitchen for a real life Personal Chef

When cooking is more than a job but is your passion and an art, the kitchen becomes more than just a space where you cook and work. It's your studio. You are creating. You are an Artisan. You need an environment where the creative juices can flow just as easily as the savory juices from your roasted rosemary pork tenderloin. After spending the day in her clients' kitchens, Chef Patricia wants to come home and still feel motivated to cook. She wants to feel inspired to create her next gourmet menu items that will become a part of her in home services for her clients. It all starts in her kitchen. This is the motivation for Chef Patricia to want a functional but stylish kitchen and why she reached out to Rustiques. 

First, creating the right mood is a priority. The right mood fosters creativity and imagination. Of course there is more to a dream kitchen than environment and mood. The design and decor has to be functional, easy to navigate, and make life easier not harder for the cook. So choices from cabinets, countertops, sinks, backsplashes, and appliances are all important. Rustiques was there to help Chef Patricia make those choices. Having a General Contractor that can design a space not just build it is an advantage that puts Rustiques above other Design Centers and Contractors. Our one stop shop with the ability to do a turn-key project made us the right choice for Chef Patricia. A local artisan using another local artisan for their one of a kind dream kitchen. 

While wanting to create her dream kitchen, Patricia also had the challenge of staying true to the architectural decor of her 1935 Cottage that still had original walls, doors, and windows. Your typical Pinterest white kitchen would look a little out of place. She took her inspiration from another focal point in the home. The family room fireplace and rustic ceiling wood beams. She wanted the kitchen to be renovated yet seem as if it were always there. 

The before pictures reveal a dated kitchen with older white painted cabinet doors, white tile countertops with white vertical shiplap walls, and all white older appliances. It looked more like a cabin kitchen and didn't reflect the stately look of this vintage cottage. The older cabinets lacked storage and the countertops lacked working space. It lacked form, function, and style. 

The Chicago Brick surrounding the windows mirrors the style of the brick around the fireplace. The brick perfectly compliments the single pane large windows that create their own version of an open concept kitchen. The white shaker cabinets add a bright, clean feeling and make the small kitchen space seem larger. The Artisan Copper Burnt Umber Tin as a backslash paired with the Honed Black Pearl Granite make a powerful yet subtle statement. Black Granite adds depth and accenuates the other colors in the space. For a chef, granite is a wonderful choice-hard to scratch and completely heat resistant. It would be hard to damage those beautiful countertops. 

Inspired by the rustic beams, a hand crafted bartop/countertop and decorative shelf above the windows were the finishing touches that marry the kitchen to the rest of the house. This updated kitchen with state of the art appliances and soft close cabinets still feels like the 1935 cottage that it is. 

The new kitchen provides an abundance of cabinet storage space and functional drawers. Include a lazy susan, a pull-out spice cabinet by the range, a new buffet style work space, a pull-out hide a trash can drawer, and cabinets above the refrigerator, and you have a stylish functional kitchen meant for a chef. 

Chef Patricia feels at home in her dream kitchen. Her creative juices are flowing once again. Rustiques is happy to have been her choice for such an important project.

Before Picture of of the Cottage Kitchen After with new buffet work space and wine cabinets

Before picture Cottage Kitchen RenovationAfter the addition of the chicago brick style wall and decorative distressed wood beam. New sink and Honed Black Pearl Granite Countertops

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