Natural Stone Counter Tops

There are a variety of natural stones that can be used and are known for being used for countertops. Granite, Marble, Travertine, Onyx, and Soapstone are all options for homeowners. Each one has it's pros and cons. All are unique and gorgeous in their own way along with environmentally friendly. Who isn't going organic today? They all on the other hand have a limited color spectrum as they are natural and produced by mother nature. But that having been said, who can find fault with mother nature. Some how the natural colors and hews have found a place in our living spaces. 

To be informed, you will need to consider each stone based on their own merits. Durability, Availability, Cost, and Maintenance are all things to consider. 

Cost-Travertine is a more affordable option than granite or marble. It is durable, but maintenance is a concern due to it's porous structure.

Low Maintenance-Soapstone is an option to consider. It is non-porous so doesn't need to be sealed. Cleans easily with just soap and water and very durable along with heat resistant.

Durability-Granite will last a life-time. Enough said.

Availability-All are available. Granite's restrictions such as seams and backsplashes can be prohibitive. Cost can be restrictive. Kids can be a factor with Travertine since it doesn't play well with acidic substances such as juice. 

Another option is Quartz. Yes it's engineered, but it's a natural stone mixed with polymers. Being engineered by man, it comes in a wider variety of colors. It is durable, non-porous, easy to clean, and isn't affected by juice or chemicals. But it can be expensive. So if you are on a budget this might not be a viable alternative. But again sometimes durability can mean more affordable in the long run. 

So the moral of the blog..there are a lot of things to consider when planing your kitchen not just personal taste. That's where Rustiques comes in. We can help. Work with our Design Team to determine what works best for you and your circumstances.The ideal kitchen doesn't need to be just a dream. Dream, Design, and Do at Rustiques. 

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