ABC's of Architectural Decor Design-N for Neutral

If you look up synonyms for the world neutral it might surprise you what you find. Under synonyms for neutral you find such words as:






Some think that's the same for neutral color schemes in design. Neutral colors are often thought of drab or bland. But does it have to be that way? Can a neutral color scheme be innovating, appealing, and even exciting?

 Neutral colors are the staple of interior design. Some would argue that that is a lazy man's way out or perhaps going cheap, but let's discuss what can be accomplished when utilizing a neutral color scheme. 

First-the bold or exciting choices you make in your architectural design elements will stand out more against a neutral backdrop. The architectural elements will be the focal point not the color of the couch or the walls. 

Case in point-Imagine this gorgeous fireplace and mantel in something other than a neutral color setting. Or this gorgeous table in a room with bold bright colors. Would they still be the focal point? Would they be noticed?

rustic fireplacelive edge coffee table

 Among the list of benefits of neutral colors is that they allow more flexibility in how you decorate the room as a whole. They don't steal the show so to speak from what you want your focal point to be from the furniture to the lights. Plus neutral colors work with any style. They allow for a quicker reboot or refresh of the space than if you have gone completely bold.  They look clean, bright, and can make a space look larger. 

The natural world can teach us a lot about neutral color patterns that come to life with a pop of color. What would happen if the sky was always red or the grass was bright yellow? Do you think the fall colors would be as breathtaking? What about a rainbow or sunset? The same can be said about bold colors in interior decorating. A neutral base allows for a pop of color or a bold accent wall without making the room appear busy or overwhelming the space. 

fall colorsfall colors

See how adding a pop of green or yellow now stands out against a neutral backdrop in these home decor pictures. And that is just a start. Now imagine a nice wall canvas with bright or bold colors or an accent wall painted or a wall with a beautiful wall covering. Really the options are endless because you started out neutral. 

home interiorhome interior

 This isn't to say that a colorful room or bold tastes are wrong. I am simply trying to show that despite what you may have heard, neutral doesn't have to be boring. It can be whatever you make it. Need some help finding your color inspiration? Rustiques can help. 

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