Make a Splash in Your Kitchen With Tin Panels

Practically speaking, backsplashes protect your walls from water or food that may find it's way on the wall. But in today's kitchen, a backsplash can literally make a splash-of color or texture. It can take a boring space up a notch or even dramatically change the look of the space. And what's more often times a backsplash is a more affordable way to make a change or refresh your space. There are many types of backsplash materials to choose from. But one that is gaining in popularity is tin. Easy to install and one of the least expensive backsplash options, tin panels can add texture, color, and a vintage look and feel. From bright white to copper burnt umber, the color spectrum is wide. Pick a pattern that fits your style. Victorian to Contemporary and everything in between. Decorative and stylish, tin panels are worth considering for your kitchen renovation or make-over. Nail up, Snap Lock, or Drop In styles are available. Don't stop there, they make for great wainscoting or ceiling tiles. There are even acoustical tin panels for that media room. 

Check out our selection of tin panels. In over 50 colors and 40 patterns, you should be able to find the right one for your kitchen. Rustiques is ready to help you make the right choice. Need a countertop? Need Cabinets? We have those too. 

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