Is Cheap Always Affordable when choosing your Home's Decor?

The debate continues about when cost is a determining factor of whether cheaper is the affordable option. In full disclosure, I operate a custom-made architectural home decor design marketplace so I am biased to custom-made, hand-crafted solid wood pieces. That having been said, the case can be made that cheaper is not always affordable in the long run. When you consider that while MDF (medium density fiberboard) products are about a tenth to a fourth of the cost of custom made solid wood pieces their lifespan is about a tenth to a fourth of the time of solid wood specialty items. Putting that into practical terms, one will last a lifetime while another will need to be replaced multiple times. So it is reasonable to say that in the long run one hasn't really saved money. 

Hand-crafted, custom made items also afford one the opportunity to create the perfect piece. Size, Finish, Style, and Comfort can all be incorporated into the piece because you have made it just for you and your home. It's not mass produced, but meant for you. It's your one of kind family heirloom that can be passed down to  your kids and their kids. There is no price that one can place on that.

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