I lived In A Farmhouse Before It Was Popular To

There once was a time when a Farmhouse was called a Farmhouse because of it's purpose and function not it's 'style". Farmhouses were built when families worked the farm whether for a living or to put food on the table. Agriculture was a way of life. My great grandparents were no exception. Of course by the time I lived in their farmhouse it was already close to 100 years old and the farm had been sold making way for sub-divisions and more houses. Today the house still stands as a piece of living history. Renovated from top to bottom inside, I haven't seen it since I was a kid. Just as well. I like my memories of the way it was. The four story structure in the picture seemed a lot bigger at five years old and I am sure the staircase banister that I slid down (shhh, don't tell mom) wasn't nearly as long as it seemed to me. The attic was a place that we dared each other to go to and the basement was off-limits. Our imaginations ran wild with what might be lurking down there. The porch was a perfect hideaway on those long Ohio Summer Days. The yard was a yard of kids' dreams. Trees and outbuildings that became what we wanted them to be for that day. Usually we did our best impression of Pioneers or Little House On The Prairie Adventurers. Cowboys and Indians anyone?

But it wasn't all fun and games with this real life farmhouse. It needed some loving care at it's age. One particular memory I am sure that isn't as pleasant for my mom as it is for me has to do with the well. My dad was laid up with a broken leg and my mom was 6 months pregnant with my brother. That would put it about the first part of December in Ohio. The well wasn't working. We were low on funds and my mom was out digging in the yard to see what she could do to fix it. Now that reminds me of the Pioneers taking on the adversities of farm life. In my imagination that was what we were doing that cold December morning. In my mom's head I am sure she was thinking other things. Her imagination was probably going wild on what she would do to my dad for breaking his leg riding a dirt bike. 

But the Farmhouse stands for all that is good with families and working hard. It brings to mind simpler times. Times not complicated with the ease of technology. Kids weren't spoiled and learned the value of hard work. Families worked together, ate together, and stayed together.  It's that image that evokes the love for what we call Classic or Modern Farmhouse Style that we see today. 

Today Farmhouse or Modern Farmhouse is a design style that seems to be growing in popularity without slowing down. It incorporates the cozy comfy feel of a true farmhouse with the sophistication of modern elements and touches. It is simple, clean, and comfortable in appearance. Natural elements such as wood, metal, and stone anchor the home's architectural decor. Throw in a few smartly placed vintage or antiques with a pop of color to contrast the neutral palette, and you have today's farmhouse style home. Of course it's not really a farmhouse in the truest sense, but it has all the charm without the perils of farm life. 

What other design concept allows for modern, rustic, industrial, and contemporary all to blend together? It allows for maximalism, minimalism, sophistication, and vintage inspiration all to work as one. Wow I say in awe of this concept. Add color. Stay neutral. Add metal. Add porcelain. Go stainless. Go copper. Go granite. Feel free to add collectibles or keep the accessories to a minimum. Of course all of the above has a plan and purpose. It's not cluttered or eclectic, but stylish and functional. You can't go wrong with one or all together.

Some hallmarks of the Classic/Modern Farmhouse Style:

Barn Doors

Shaker Cabinets 

Natural Wood Accents such as exposed wood beams

Traditional Fabrics

Modern or Industrial Elements especially in the lighting

Vintage Accent Pieces that either add to the style or to the function. And they can be perfectly imperfect. Chipped paint or weathered all the better. 

All of the above can take on rustic themes or a more modern influence. That's what makes the design concept of Farmhouse Style so fun. 

I for one hope Farmhouse Style sticks around for awhile just like my great grandparents farmhouse still stands today. I hope it's timeless. I hope our farmhouse style will evoke the same sense of home and family 100 years from now as it does today. 

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