How to Survive A Home Renovation-Part 5

One of the questions asked when a home renovation project is all said and done is "Was it worth it?".  That can be asked of not only the cost, but for the time, the interruption to your life, and any aggravation you had to experience. One hopes that after the dust is settled it is yes it was worth it. This can be for the Home Owner as well as for the Contractor. 

The Home Owner

Every Home Owner wants to feel that they got what they paid for. They want to see that the upgrades were truly upgrades. That the design is truly functional and improved their life. They want to feel validated that deciding for something or against something was the right decision. They certainly don't want to feel that they were ripped off. 

The Contractor

On the other hand, the Contractor wants to come away with more than just breaking even. That involves an adequate bid that accounted for all variables and contigencies. He doesn't want to eat costs and affect the bottom line. For the Contractor, delays, last minute changes, or do-overs can mean the difference between making a living or paying everyone but yourself.


There are certain things that cannot be controlled-such as weather. But as with all the pain points of a renovation, cost against rewards comes down to again doing your homework, hiring the right people, putting things in writting, and communication. With the right Contractor, workmanship won't be an issue and you will feel confident that you have not only the right products, but they will stand the test of time. The Contractor will vet his potential clients and surround himself with a good team. Everyone will be on the same page right from the start down to the end. 

But there is something else for the Contractor to consider. Consider how far are you willing to travel for a project and does the location add challenges to the project? One local Contractor lamented that he built a home that was an hour and half away. The route was a heavily traveled highway and it was a mountain home. In the end, he said when you figure time traveling, cost of fuel, and the difficulty in getting equipment and subs in an isolated area, he ended up just breaking even. He learned that he can't accept projects in this area or if he did, he would have to price accordingly. Turn that back to the Home Owner. Do you really want to pay more for a Contractor just because of where he lives? He might be that good that you are willing to do that. But as you see you are weighing cost vs rewards.

There is no such thing as a perfect renovation. Taking the time to do it right will certainly help you to be able without hesitation say "It was worth It".

Next article will discuss why Rustiques is the right partner for you in your next home renovation, home make-over, or new construction project. 

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