Gorgeous Hand Carved Granite Stone Sinks

With Rustiques adding hand carved granite sinks to our showroom, I endeavored to educate myself on this gorgeous stone used in custom homes throughout the United States. Who doesn't desire granite counter tops?

North Carolina anointed it's State Stone Granite in 1979 due to an abundant supply of this multi-colored natural resource. I was surprised by this. I guess when I think of North Carolina and artisan hand-made pieces, pottery and furniture come to mind. But granite is an art all of it's own being produced by mother earth in a violent way, but in some ways beautiful in it's own right. Granite is a igneous rock-meaning it is formed when molten lava oozes out of the earth-usually in a volcanic eruption like what we see going on in Hawaii.  Hard to imagine that we had volcanic eruptions in North Carolina. But the proof is in the stone. Man has just figured out how to enhance granite's beauty by carving or sculpting it to bring nature into our homes. And while granite is in some ways abundant, it doesn't mean we have an inexhaustible supply nor that it's cheap. 

Granite isn't just located in your back yard. Either it has been mined or dug out from some remote place.The stone is usually large. It is a hard stone so it is not easy to hand-carve. The harder the stone the harder to carve and maneuver. It requires patience and skill. It might take days to carve not to mention shape to perfection. So all of this comes into play when you are figuring the cost of granite for your home or office. That having been said, due to the fact that granite is a hard stone, you can get a lifetime out of any granite counter top, floor, or more. You might see my recent blog about whether cheaper is better in the long run to discuss how affordability might be measured by longevity. Who can afford to replace their home's fixtures all the time?

Rustiques hand-carved granite sinks come from North Caronlina. Each one of our hand carved granite sinks is unique taking on the character and patina of each individual stone. Hand-carved patiently taking what the stone will give by a local artisan. Not mass produced, but produced for you and your home. Contact us today about your custom made hand carved granite sink. 

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