Design Center Concept

If you haven't been in our store/design center lately, you might be in for a surprise. We have really worked hard to transform from a vintage/antique store to a design showroom. We have always since we opened two years ago had this vision. But it taken us a little while to get it going. We are still in the process of upgrading and transitioning. Gone is the rusty room. The outside has greatly improved and finally fits what the inside is. Pickers Paradise is being cleaned up and will eventually make way for an addition to the showroom. 

The idea behind the showroom is to display what we can do for your home and outdoor living spaces. We will continue to have unique vintage/antique items that we feel would add to the form and function of a home along with the new home decor that will help accessorize your home. We will keep up on the trends and make sure we have it. 

But our passion is the custom made and one of a kind statement architectural decor pieces that will set your home apart.That really can be anything you want. Pinterest and Home Magazines inspire and we do it. HGTV gives you a "I got to have it" list, and Rustiques is your place to get it done. Luxurious yet rustic. Homey, but refined. A unique combination. 

We have the skill and resources to make it happen. Dream it, Design it, Do it at Rustiques. 


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