ABC's of Architectural Decor-L for Lifestyle

Few things can change one's life like a baby or puppy. All of sudden sleep is a rare commodity. You find yourself baby proofing or puppy proofing your home. Perhaps you need to add another room for the newborn? What about a fenced in yard for the puppy? Can my floors stand the wear and tear of kids playing or puppy paws? Is white the best color for a toddler or active dog? Baby gates or pet doors can start to occupy our minds.You can see how a sudden lifestyle change can impact your home or living space. There are other things that can cause a cosmic shift in what are living needs are. Perhaps we have to care for aging parents. A job change can necessitate a home office. All of these things can require decisions to be made. Do I add on to my existing space? Do I find a more suitable home?

So it is safe to say that lifestyle plays a huge role in our choices in living space and home design. Some designs are needs and others are just additions that cater to our likes, hobbies, and pleasures.  From having to create a handicapped accessible bathroom to finally getting that Home Theater Room, our lifestyle does influence our home.  Does your basement fit the bill for a Man-Cave, Home Office, or Home Theater? Is a simple bathroom upgrade enough or do you need to find space for a new one? Does that room need a major make-over to become your dream space or that functional practical space that you need it to be? Or is a home addition in order? Is the starter home suitable for your growing family? Is it time to think about a move?

 Whether our lifestyle is by choice or forced upon us by changing life circumstances, our ultimate goal is to create the most functional yet stylish space or home that we can. Fortunately we have resources. Just search under pet or baby friendly designs on Pinterest and you will have more ideas than you will know what to do with. From cool pet eating stations to custom covered kitty litter boxes, we can make the addition of a new pet into our lives seamless. There are baby friendly decor blogs and boards that discuss ways to make your home baby friendly with style. One of my favorites was the nursery closet with a pink barn door. If you are strapped for space, there are several blogs on how to make the guest room baby friendly. Sometimes our rooms do need to pull double duty. And a handicapped bathroom doesn't need to be utilitarian. There are some beautiful bathrooms equipped with walk-in tubs and showers, lower counter-tops, and fixtures all at the right height. Most changes can be tackled by the DIYer and the weekend warrior. But there are some that just will either be too complicated or take too much time to leave for the weekends. Having a professional designer or contractor will be a must.

The very nature of one's lifestyle being unique is why custom homes and projects are an ideal way to accomplish what you want and need. Your home or space can be designed with just you in mind. Rustiques and Vintage Builders is here to help you achieve your goals with your lifestyle in mind. From Design to Doing it,  we are uniquely qualified to handle any project your lifestyle needs. Custom Homes and Turnkey projects are our lifestyle. 

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