ABC's of Architectural Decor Design-K for Kainotophobia

The one constant in our lives is change. Nothing stays the same. Life is a constant evolution of energies, emotions, circumstances, and challenges. Some people thrive on the constant moving pieces of life. Others adjust, but slowly. Still others become paralyzed by the thought of change. There is a word for that. Kainotophobia. The fear of change. This fear can be a serious problem when it comes to decorating or designing our home or work space. Fear is often times disguised as procrastination. Fear of change can also stem from fearing the dreaded decorating mistake or buyers remorse. With so many choices one can be afraid to open the wrong door so to speak. They are afraid of a decorating nightmare or what could of been. 

Whether we like to admit it or not, we do change. Our lives evolve. Hence, so should our usable space. Our homes and offices should fit our lifestyle and needs of today with a foundation for tomorrow. Don't let fear of change stop you from creating an awesome home or office. Here are some simple steps to help you overcome the fear of change:

-Identify the most important tasks:

This might seem counter intuitive as big tasks can seem overwhelming. But identifying the most important on a wish list or must do list simplifies the tasks and keeps you focused. It's much easier to think of 2-3 projects than a whole page of to-dos. From there you can go to step 2.

-Break it down into smaller projects:

Breaking down the bigger projects into smaller ones helps to minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed. When one small step is achieved you gain confidence for each successive step. You also can begin to see the bigger picture coming to life with each completed task. And what's more, if something doesn't feel right, it's easier to put the breaks on and re-evaluate the project. 

-Idea/color boards for inspiration:

Once you identified what you want or need to tackle and the steps, then get the ideas and the inspiration. It will be easier to find the inspiration when you have one  Houzz, Pinterest,  and Wayfair all allow your creative juices to flow with the aid of visualization. Create idea and color boards-whether literal or virtual to aid you in making your choices. Color samples and fabric swatches all become valuable tools. Visit local Design Centers where all the pieces have been put together for you. 

- Avoid being too trendy:

If fear of making a mistake is the biggest hindrance, then err on the side of conservative choices. Avoid choosing items or designs that might be ultra trendy and out of date in a few months or years-unless you really like it. However with trendy decor, you will find yourself in going through this whole process again sooner than later. 

-Get professional help

The professional decorator or designer isn't emotionally attached to your home or anything in it. They have an unbiased view and are not stuck in past mistakes. In fact they probably have learned from them. They have the tools and know how to help you visualize, feel, and imagine what the changes can do for you and your space. They are up on trends as well as what seems to stand the test of time. They are your second opinion so to speak. Don't be afraid to invest in some help. It's worth it. 

Change can be scary. Decisions can seem overwhelming. But don't let that stop you from discovering what can be. Open the door to your home's or space's possibilities. You might find a lot of doors opening up for you as you journey through your home renovation or projects. 


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