ABC's of Architectural Decor Design-G for Greenery

I originally wasn't too excited about this letter in the ABC's of Architectural Decor Design-G for Greenery. I didn't think there would be much to to say on the subject. Additionally, I usually kill anything that is green. My mom's green thumb didn't pass on to me. 

But I was pleasantly surprised as I did my research for this article. There is a lot to learn about greenery and a lot that can be accomplished by using plants-fresh or artificial in your decor and design. 

The obvious benefit from adding fresh house plants to your space is cleaner air. Without going into a science lesson, plants take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen. Who can't use a little more oxygen for their brains? Their leaves and stems actually contribute to noise control as well. Practically speaking, plants are beneficial to any home environment. Just a note of caution for our pet parents as certain plants are or can be toxic to dogs and cats. 

Some of the more common plants used in home decorating to watch out for especially for dogs are:

Aloe (also toxic to cats)



Sago Palms

There are great resources online for a complete list of plants to be aware of or perhaps to avoid all together. I am sure your Vet can provide a list as well. 

Some additional benefits of adding greenery to your decor include the fact that you are bringing the outdoors in, naturally creating that zen space. Decorating with plants helps to create dimension, provides texture, and can help layer your space. They are visually pleasing and can be affordable options to other types of decor. You don't have to worry about dating your space or feeling trendy as decorating with greenery is timeless.  

In most cases, simple is better. A simple ivy or fern can add much to your space. If you are a little more ambitious, indoor gardens are really popular. No more going to the store when you can have fresh herbs growing in your kitchen.  

There are so many options to choose from in the plant world. Mother Nature is pretty generous.  Think about how many varieties of ivy there are as just one example. If you are like me, there are many easy care house plant options. 

Some plants that are easier to care for than others include but are not limited to:

Mother-In-Law Plants (never knew there was such a thing)

Spider Plants

Cast Iron Plants (speaks for itself)

Again, the internet is a great resource on the types of plants that require low maintenance.There are many to choose from that can fit into any type of decorating style, including modern decor. Pinterest is a great resource for ways to display and stage your choice in greenery. Along with a wide variety of plant options, there are also many choices as to the manner in which you choose to display the plants. From planters to hanging baskets, you can take your greenery to the next level and create your own unique look.  Ceramic planters, vintage galvanized buckets, vintage plant stands, modern metal planter box sets, and colored glass to name just a few.of your decorative options. There were 27 pages on Wayfair just under the title indoor planters. What better way is there to bring life into a room than greenery. 

If you are in the planning stages of building your home, think in terms of bringing the outdoors in by smartly placed windows. Windows with a view of your back yard and trees subtly become part of your interior decor.  This Kitchen is a perfect example of using windows and doors to bring greenery inside. 

Kitchen Window

I have come to appreciate how much you can do with greenery. Share your ideas with us. There is more to come in our series ABC's of Architectural Decor Design. Stay tuned. 


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