ABCs of Architectural Decor Design-E for Earthy

Nothing says warm, safe, comfortable, or calm better than earth tone colors or natural materials. This installment of the ABC's of Architectural Decor Design takes a look at E for Earthy and why it's becoming so popular.

Some of the other buzz words you might associate with Earthy are:




Green Living

All of the above more than likely brings to mind a conscience lifestyle choice to be kind to Mother Earth and in turn be kind to your body and mind. The whole recycle, rescue, reuse idea is based on a desire to utilize our earth's existing resources. Who doesn't love a rescued lumber story and seeing it come to life again in a home or the proud dumpster diver who saved another vintage piece from the landfill?

Earthy can also be something as simple as a color or material choice that creates the right mood or ambiance for your space. Lets face it, Mother Nature got it right when it comes to beautiful spaces and calming colors. Mother Nature is the perfect artist knowing just how to blend a variety of colors for a look that never goes out of style. Earthy colors just naturally go together, create the perfect contrast, and are pleasing to the eye. 

Earth Tone Colors are considered:




Of course there are different shades and hues of each of those colors. Warm colors include hues of red and yellow. Generally speaking neutral colors are on the earth tone spectrum. 

Other earthy choices can be found in design elements as well. A live edge mantel with a stone back drop, a brick face wall set against a granite counter top, or custom hand finished wood furniture on hard wood floors are ways to bring earthy elements into your home's architectural decor design. Natural wood with clean lines is finding a home in modern or contemporary decor styles. It doesn't have to be rustic any more. 

Earthy Design Elements can include:




Textiles such as burlap

Natural Greenery

Even the finer details from organic sheets, pillows, and bedding to all natural soaps and detergents are becoming a part of our everyday home environments. Essential Oils do their best to bring into our home what Mother Nature does naturally.  Not to mention energy efficient lighting and energy efficient home design trends that work to reduce our carbon footprint. 

Energy efficient lighting can include LED Bulbs, dimmer switches, or even motion activated lighting that only comes on when someone enters the room. I could have a whole series of blogs on energy efficient home designs, but a few ideas include highly insulated windows and doors to water heating systems to certified energy efficient appliances. 

With our hectic lifestyles, we want our home to be our oasis, our happy place. With the right design elements, color schemes, and decor accessories we can accomplish that. With the right design plan and strategy, your decorating taste can take on the bigger issue of what is good for our planet and ultimately our family. 

Rustiques is happy to help you in creating your Zen space. Our highly skilled and professional design team can help you scale the mountain like obstacles of home design to achieve your ultimate goals. We are also proud that we choose eco-friendly ways to produce our custom made products. From our all natural oils with no VOCs to our reusing Mother Earth's resources, we take "Earthy" seriously. It's a lifestyle choice as well as a design dream. 



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