ABCs Of Architectural Decor Design- B for Bold

A well-known TV series' introduction starts out in part with  "Space, the final frontier, boldly go where no man has gone before". Captain Kirk was on to something. When rethinking or renovating a space, being bold might seem like a far out idea. Most of us tend toward the conservative side when making huge decisions about our home "space".  No one wants to make a costly mistake or a decision they will regret later. Who wants to go trendy only to find themselves a year later in a dated home? Bold choices, bold colors, bold moves require a courage that some of us just don't have. But bold ideas are what heroes are made of. Venturing into new territory so to speak in our home space requires thinking outside the box and taking chances.  

There are ways to be bold when it comes to our design choices without taking too big of risks. For those of us who are a little less courageous, our bold choices should include things easily interchangeable or refreshed like accessories, furniture, rugs, lamp shades, art, etc....See that's not so bad. You daredevil you. Those are all things that with little effort can be changed out. 

But for some more adventurous ways to be bold:

Patterns- Mixing patterns whether in your furniture, wall decor, or wall paper is one way to take a chance. Getting even a little more bold, you can mix patterns in tile and back splashes. There are simple basic things to keep in mind, however, when mixing patterns. Don't over do it. It's recommended to have a dominant pattern and to scale the patterns. Also keep the colors in the same intensity and spectrum. Do your research before making any final decisions. 

Paint- Bold paint choices for walls, cabinets, and molding are ways to jazz up a space. Not quite sure you are ready for  "Spring Squash" By Valspar? You can always try it in a smaller space to see how you like it. For those ready to take the bold color leap, a trend that seems to be catching momentum is two tone cabinets, contrasting dark with light colors. Your dark color choice may be all the bold you are looking for. Older furniture pieces are good candidates for color makeovers. Your bold color choice just might be what they need to come to life and help you make a small bold statement. 

Appliances- Appliances in theory are an easy make over option, but they can be costly to the pocketbook. There are some new and exciting trends in appliances that feature some bold color choices. Red, Blue, and Black are adding contrast to white cabinets. Again, due to cost restraints this might be an area to really think about before making a bold move. 

Hardware- Another way to go bold is by choosing a pop of color for the hardware for the cabinets or doors. Again contrasting neutral cabinetry with a pop of color can make a bold statement. A small move, but it can carry a wow factor.

Of course there are a lot of ways to go bold that are a little more permanent than a fresh coat of paint. Bolder choices for countertops, fixtures, or flooring are not for the faint of heart. Going with a cement countertop would not be a cost effective swtich out if you decide you don't like it. But if you want to go bold with a cement countertop maybe a peninsula or an island might be the best option and blend it in with other natural elements or features. 

Being bold means different things to different people. Only you know what your bold meter is. From simple bold accent pieces to a bold new world of countertops and cabinets, let yourself go a little on the wild side and enjoy the renoventure. 

Stay tuned for the next installment of the ABCs of Architectural Design Decor. C is for.........



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